About Me

Hi, I’m ro. and I’m a TCM practitioner. My approach is a holistic one, which means I try to connect the dots between different symptoms, but also that I always see the patient as part of the society they live in. I believe that society is one of the main causes of the health issues we have with our body and mind. By the way- I’m not esoteric in any way.
I am an agender person, my pronouns are they in english (and none in german) and I am in-the-know about queer topics, so queers are especially welcome. I am a white person and would say that I am very conscious of topics like racism and racial bias. Any questions- just ask.

I am part of a collective. We will open our practice on the ground floor of the living community Klinge 10: https://klinge10.de/hauskonzept/praxiskollektiv/ (in german)

Training and education
From November-December 2019 I did an internship at the Tam Duc Traditional Medical Clinic in Ho-Chi-Minh-City with Dr. Dung Viet Ngyuen (Dr. June) and Dr. Monika Thanh Tam Kleemola. Before that I worked as an assistant practitioner for my teacher Stephan Raaz at the HPS Training Clinic for CM-practitioners in Berlin. And from 2014-2018 I did my training course as an alternative practitioner/healer and CM practitioner at the “Heilpraktikschule in Selbstverwaltung (HPS)” in Berlin.

I have been a coach for Muay Thai since 2012. From 2009-2012 I worked as a coordinator for anti-discrimination projects at “Gladt e.V.” in Berlin. In 2011 I completed my course in gender studies, ethnology and sociology at the University of Göttingen. The focus of my university courses were queer, post-colonial and socially critical topics.

Specialised education and further training
Ear acupuncture, HPS Berlin
Gynaecology in TCM, Akupunkturseminare Berlin
Qi Jing Ba Mai (Eight Extraordinary Channels), Akupunkturseminare Berlin
51st TCM Congress Rothenburg, 52nd TCM Congress Rothenburg
Management of Physical & Psychological Trauma with Acupuncture, Dr. Hamid Montakab, TCM Academy of Integrative Medicine (Online)
2021 „Trauma in context of flight and asyl – challenges in non-therapeutical professions”, Universitätsklinikum Ulm
2021 Mastering the Treatment of Injury and Pain bei Whitfield Reaves, Acupuncture World (Online)
2022 Expert conference “Queer Bodywork”, lead by Alexander Hahne, Waldschlößchen

I passed accreditation test as an alternative practitioner on March 21, 2018 (written) and May 17, 2018 (oral) at the “Gesundheitsamt Landkreis Görlitz”. Authority: “Gesundheitsamt Leipzig”.